Special for WGC 2008 at Lüsse/Germany

Special Version of desktop*StrePla inclusive ICAO Charts

We are proud to give you a special version of desktop*StrePla inclusive the ICAO charts of the competition area of the WGC 2008 at Lüsse/Germany free of charge. This download includes the program desktop*StrePla, the SUA (Special Used Airspace) and the turn points of the competition area.

The special edition of the ICAO Chart is sponsored by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH - Aeronautical Publication Agency

We say thank you to the DFS for the obligingness.

You may use desktop*StrePla and the ICAO chart during the time of the competition free of charge.

desktop*StrePla5.1 Build 5184 (40 MB)


Note for desktop*StrePla customers:

If you use an old version of desktop*StrePla and/or is the date outside of the one year's update guarantee period consider please: 

The newest desktop*StrePla  version will be installed. If you continue to use desktop*StrePla after the 30 days testing periode and not liable to pay the costs (EUR 64,--) to update, you must de install the new version via Start, Control panel, Add/Remove Software. Please remember what version you are actual using. You will find your old version for download here.


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