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 Please see also our One Year Update Warranty

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desktop* StrePla Standard version for desktop- and laptop PC, incl. online-manual (Word- and PDF-format) EUR 160.00 
Full function range and a one year update warrantyfor all functionality.
All DCW-Vectormaps and Satellite maps world wide are free loadable. Also US Sectionals are free of charge.

Special Used Airspace (SUA) are available free of charge from the Internet in OpenAir format, from DAFIF Server or from our server.

desktop*StrePla - Update

Update from previous versions of desktop*StrePla or StrePla OEM Version to desktop*StrePla standard version EUR 80.00
Full function range. It is the same like the version above.

Special Used Airspace (SUA)

In desktop*StrePla and pocket*StrePla the airspaces can be represented in OpenAir- and Tim Newport Peace format. You will find a large amount of airspace data in these formats on the internet. One address is:


More information about SUA you may find here,

DCW Vector maps, Satellite maps, Elevation modells

All this data can be used free of charge

These data are on our server and can be down loaded via the map management what is integrated in desktop*StrePla.

Raster maps

ICAO-D ICAO map Germany 79.83 EUR
ICAO-D S ICAO map Germany special edition for glider pilots 79.83 EUR
DFS-AUT Map Visual 500 Austria , edition from DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung)

32.77 EUR

ICAO-CH ICAO map Switzerland 32.77 EUR
ICAO-F ICAO map France 57.99 EUR

Customer rastermap scanservice

Due to the lack of license contracts with the publishers, we can not sell all available maps in digital form. The possibility of having maps for private use digitized by us exists though. Due to license-juridical causes, you need to possess the original maps for this.

The scanservice price is calculated after expenditure . Please contact us with your inquiry directly. 

With the following maps we have already empirical values for the scanservice:

ICAO map Austria EUR 56,90
ICAO map Danmark
ICAO map Norway south 

ONC maps Argentinia (Mountain-Wave-Project) EUR 56,90
Michelin street map Spain EUR 56,90
IGN maps Provence EUR 56,90




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Orders within Germany will only be executed with SEPA Core Direct Debit. Clients outside Germany please pay in advance. 

Should you have worries sending your data over the Internet, please use our fax no.: +49 6172 94 28 47

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The overall shipping expense amountfor raster maps is EUR 4.00 per delivery within Germany. For deliveries to Europ the overall shipping expense amounts to EUR 8.00. Shipping expenses for deliveries to all other countries on request. All prices without tax. 


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