StrePla can't find a free port for the direct communication.

When you are adjusting the direct communication and select a COM port, StrePla2 will search for an available port.

It may happen that StrePla2 can not find an open port. This usually happens if you are running a PDA, for example for your WINPILOT software, and the provided program uses MICROSOFT ActiveSync. 

ActiveSync occupies a COM port to be constantly searching for the device. Another program, for example StrePla2, can therefore not use this port any more. Since laptops usually only have one port, there is no more port for the VOLKSLOGGER.


Deactivate ActiveSync before working with StrePla2.


Open the program ActiveSync and point to File. Connection settings

Deactivate the point "Allow connection by serial cable or infra-red on this COM-link"