New laptops don't have a serial port any more. 
What now?

Our customer Peter Simon reports the following to us:


LIDL, the supermarket has, in the past weeks, sold several notebooks that don't have a V24 adapter (serial port COM1). That's why you can't connect a logger any more. 

The solution to the problem:

There is a USB serial adapter available from Belkin (Belkin product designation: USB Serial adapter FSU 103), available in Germany at e.g., costs without dispatch approx. 150DM) with drivers for Windows 2000, Windows 9*/Me. 

The Windows 9*/Me version supports the adapter's operation in DOS mode; the Windows 2000 driver doesn't unfortunately. 

We tested the device with W2K and StrePla2 on the Volkslogger last night, it works perfectly. It even worked on a Compaq Notebook, who's normal V24 wouldn't work. Unfortunately this device is not very handy (size approx.: 10*10*3cm + USB cable), but it's still better than no V24. 

Under Windows ME we even evaluated our VP8, as well as our self-tinkered navigation hardware with a special, old terminal program. That's why I assume that all other DOS programs that are delivered by the logger manufacturers in this way will also work. The only thing that caused problems at the beginning was the COM1 port that was apparently available on Board, for which there was no adapter. I had to remove the COM1 port from the device manager, Belkin's solution worked then too. 

Regards, Peter

Thank you very much to Peter Simon!

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