SUA Special Used Airspace


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In the winter 2005/2006 the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) and the DAeC (German Aero Club) made an agreement that the DFS makes the SUA data on the server of the DAeC in the OpenAir format freely accessible for all pilots. 

The StrePla team supported the DFS and the DAeC with this solution both in the apron and during the technical conversion energetically. 

StrePla customers have by the fact the advantage that they can represent very simply the current air space in StrePla. They do not need to buy therefore the German air space any longer and have also the current updates of the air space free of charge.

Other Countries

The best way these data in StrePla to represent is to load it over the map management again. We have the most current version on our server to constantly lie.

Other Air Spaces in OpenAir Format

Beyond the proceeding possibilities you can represent the air spaces in the OpenAir and in the Tim Newport Peace- format in StrePla. You find a multiplicity of air files in these formats free in the Internet. For example under: 


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