Septembre 20th 2021

Everything has an end, also that of StrePla

Dear StrePla friends

after almost 30 years we will stop further development and support for desktop*StrePla, the cross-country flight planning and evaluation program for glider pilots, as well as for scoring*StrePla, the competition evaluation program, on 31.12.2021.

The reasons for this are manifold, but mainly age-related.

We would like to thank our StrePla customers for the many years in which we were allowed to have contact with you. We have had some great years and have fond memories of many a gliding day, AERO or SSA convention. StrePla was never meant to be a main income activity for us. We had a lot of fun during this time and were very happy about the cooperation and the contact with you.

The current version desktop*StrePla8 Build 1808 is the last version of desktop*StrePla. With us it was always so that the versions are not runtime limited. So you can continue to work with this version for many years. Probably this version will also run under the new Windows 11.

Maybe it is a good idea for all those who still work with old versions to update now (before 31.12.21) for EUR 98,00. You will surely be able to work with the desktop*StrePla8 Build 1808 April version for a long time.

We wish you many beautiful and accident-free flights. Surely we will see each other on one or the other airfield.

With kind regards
Your StrePla Team,

Klaus Langelüddeke and Wolfgang and Christa Joschko



April 15th 2021

desktop*StrePla as version 8 now available

Surely you have noticed that besides the OLC there is now also a new web portal. WeGlide ( ). The big advantage from our point of view is that WeGlide is very open and a communication with their database is not only possible but desired.

That's why desktop*StrePla 8 is available from now on.

You will find the tab WeGlide under the menu item Flight tracks next to your own flight path catalog.

All flights of the specified time range are listed. In addition, you can use the Search field to filter.

The clicked flight can then be taken over in desktop*StrePla 8 into your own flight path catalog or displayed directly and edited with all known, excellent functions of desktop*StrePla.

All customers who have bought or updated within the last year can update without costs. (Menu item: ? => Check for program update)

All other customers can order the update for EUR 98,00 incl. VAT. You can read our one year's update warranty here.



January 25th 2021

Version 7.0 Build 1676

This version contains adaptations to the latest Windows 10 version as well as small improvements.

All other customers can update their licence for 98.00 Euros incl. VAT. You can read our one year's update warranty here.


March 28th 2020

ICAO maps 2020 and current databases

- Remark: More data security with StrePla7

Recently we released desktop*StrePla version 7.

The demands on data security are getting bigger and bigger. Therefore the main change in desktop*StrePla 7 was a secure communication with our StrePla server.
For example, if new airspaces or airfield data are updated from our server, this should be done with a secure connection nowadays.

Unfortunately, the reverse conclusion is that all versions prior to version 7 will soon no longer be able to download automatically. Of course desktop*StrePla will still work, but simply download current data (airspace, airport data, maps etc.) via the data management won't work anymore.

Therefore it might be a good idea to order the update now if you haven't updated to version 7 yet. It costs only EUR 98,00 incl. VAT. You can order it here

- ICAO 2020 maps are now available in scanned format

The new ICAO maps can now be ordered for use in desktop*StrePla via our web order form..

There is the German ICAO map only as a whole for Germany. Both the Classic Version and the Glider Edition still cost EUR 95,-- incl. VAT plus shipping costs.

The ICAO charts for Austria, Switzerland and France will also be available in the next days and can be ordered now.

- Actual German, Swiss and Austrian Airspace

Using the integrated data management, the new, current airspace of Germany, Switzerland and Austria can be downloaded.

- New airfield frequencies

The airport database can also be updated with the new frequencies via the integrated data management.

- scoring*StrePla: Integration of the new competition regulations

In scoring*StrePla, the scoring software for competitions and championships, the new functions and other minor changes have been implemented in accordance with the 2020 competition regulations.

All other customers can update their licence for 98.00 Euros incl. VAT. You can read our one year's update warranty here.


July 5th 2019

Version 7.0 Build 1666

  • Better processing speed of the animation of IGC files with high sampling rate (e.g. one second).

Many modern loggers have high sampling rates. Therefore, the animation algorithms in desktop*StrePla had to be changed in order not to become too slow with the recently high data rates.

All other customers can update their licence for 98.00 Euros incl. VAT. You can read our one year's update warranty here.


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