desktop*StrePla is the worldwide leading cross-country planning and analysis program for glider pilots

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desktop*StrePla's highlights are:
When preparing:
  • Cross-country planning on vector- and raster (ICAO) maps
    DCW vector maps worldwide free of charge

  • All maps scrollable. You can scroll directly from one map sheet to the next

  • Zoomable almost without steps.

  • Airspace representation: either the complimentary airspace in OpenAir format or the more precise airspace that we maintain.

  • Comfortable handling of turnpoint and route catalogues.

  • Automatic calculation of routes with different rules (DMSt, FAI, etc.)

  • Representation of FAI-Areas

  • Time planning under consideration of current weather

  • pc_met integration

  • Direct Communication with most of the flight computers and loggers for loading and reading the turnpoint and route catalogues, as well as the flight paths (IGC-files)

  • Easy transmission of files (maps, airspaces, turnpoints, routes, airports) to pocket*StrePla

When representing and analysing:
  • Flight track representation and animation of arbitrarily many flights, 3D on vector and raster (ICAO) maps.

  • Barogram with terrain elevation and airspaces

  • Photo sector, variogram, thermal statistics

  • Flight path details in analogue or digital representation

  • Animation speed adjustable without steps

  • Beginning and end of measured section defined by cursor

  • Automatic recognition whether turnpoints were validly rounded

  • Recognition of airspace violation with indication of penetration depth

  • Automatic analysis and point optimization according to DMSt and/or OLC rules

  • Automatic online transmission of flights to OLC/DMSt

  • Extensive statistics function

  • Easy, intuitive handling

  • Extensive print options


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