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  • Pilot database

StrePla has a pilot database. All necessary data of several pilots can be entered here. When registering flights to the OLC/DMSt, the pilot can be selected from the database.

If you fly several different aircraft, you can enter yourself more than once.


Creating a pilot database Choosing a pilot during optimisation


  • Direct Communication

When speaking about direct communication, we mean that no other programs are needed to communicate with the logger or flight computer. It couldn't be any easier. The direct communication is possible with the following devices:

  • LX20
  • LX5000
  • LX5000 FAI
  • Posigraph
  • Colibri
  • Cambridge
  • Volkslogger

Using short cuts is especially nice

  • To open the dialogue mask, push the F8 button .

Even better: 

  • To get the flight directly from your logger, push Strg F8.

  • To load the flight declaration and route directly to the logger, push Alt F8.

Devices that can not be used with Direct Communication can still communicate with StrePla. To do that, use the manufacturer's communication program and load a flight or turnpoint database from the logger to the hard drive. Then start StrePla, choose the file (flight, etc.) and StrePla will convert the files to the needed format.

  • Communication with pocket*StrePla

Pocket*StrePla is the Moving Map Software for PocketPC’s with which you can navigate and optimise during the flight. With StrePla's export function, you can easily select and export maps, airspaces, routes,  turnpoints and airports to the PocketPC.


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