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Intuitive Operation

StrePla exists since 1991. Many suggestions from other cross-country pilots and our own experience in flying have flown into the advancement. In our opinion, StrePla4 is the easiest and most intuitive planning and analysis program to handle.


Free flying windows

Vergrössern! Vergrössern! You can place the info windows freely on the map window or order them around the map window. Depending on what's right for the task at that moment.

Interactive menus

By clicking the right mouse button, you will receive sub-menus, depending on the respective situation. This helps you to execute further functions quickly and uncomplicated.

Options tree

Vergrössern! All program options are clearly summarized in an options tree. No need to search for a long time when you want to, for example, assort colours to the individual flights, or to determine scales or other settings.

Demo version

The best was to determine whether the program is to be intuitively operated is to work with it. Download the program and install it. It will run in the demo version. The demo version is restricted to 30 days. During this time, the demo version does not underlie any restrictions.




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