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Planning Routes

Plan your route based on the turnpoint catalogue or completely free on the map. One click and the turnpoint co-ordinate is determined. The later transfer of the free turnpoints to the turnpoint catalogue is possible.

Printing the routes with graphic display

Tabular entry of routes

Vergrössern! Just enter the next turnpoint in the table. StrePla2 will calculate the individual legs and whether it is an FAI triangle.

Multiple repetitions are possible. DMST-FAI rules are considered here as well.

Inserting routes on the map

Vergrössern! After you have clicked the start point, a rubber band will "stick" to your cursor. Go to an arbitrary point on the map (the map will scroll when the cursor comes to the edge), click, and you have created a new turnpoint, if there was not already a turnpoint at this place. It couldn't be any easier.


Vergrössern! Often it is impossible to fly a triangle directly on track. Control zones or something similar require detours. Just insert waypoints into your route and define these as checkpoints. Check points will be given to your en-route flight computer as points that are to be approached, but will not be considered when calculating the route. StrePla2 will also show you how big the detour is.


Vergrössern! If you want to plan triangles according to FAI norm, the FAI-Areas function is very useful. It marks all the areas in which the turnpoints are allowed to lie on the map according to boundary conditions (25% or 28% rule).

Several routes simultaneously

Vergrössern! At competitions, one often wants to see several routes on one map (the separate classes' tasks). Mark the route and StrePla will display it on the requested map.

AAT (Assigned Area Task) and AST (Assigned Speed Task)

With StrePla you can plan AAT's and automatically analyse them.


Defining a turnpoint area Representing a turnpoint area

Flight through the turnpoint area showing the smallest possible triangle (task, blue) and the evaluation triangle after the automatic analysis (red).



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