Demo Tour

Preparation of flights

We want to show you the great possibilities of StrePla and pocket*StrePla with this demo tour. You can go through the tour step by step, or you can go directly to a specific area. The demo tour is split up into following areas:

Begin with the presentation of the various possibilities that StrePla gives you to successfully plan and prepare your cross-country flights.


Vektor- oder RasterkartenLearn the difference between vector and raster maps and decide which ones are the best maps for you.




Intuitive BedienungOperate without having to think much about it. StrePla4 will support you through intuitive operation. Free-flying windows, interactive menus and much more will help you.




Wendepunkt- und RoutenkatalogeAlthough the importance of turnpoint catalogues is decreasing more and more in times of logger documentation, they have not lost their existence rights. See how easy StrePla4 makes the handling of them for you.



Planung von RoutenPlanning routes based on the turnpoint catalogue or free on the map. One click and a turnpoint coordinate is determined. It couldn't be any easier!



When speaking about direct communication, we mean that no other programs are needed to communicate with the logger or flight computer. It couldn't be any easier. 


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Demo Tour

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