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Turnpoint- and Route Catalogues

You can create an arbitrary number of turnpoint or route catalogues. Within these catalogues you can sort them according to each data field. You can print the catalogues and convert them to your flight computer or logger's format.

Turnpoint catalogues

  • You can describe and classify each turnpoint in detail. For example: landable, off-field landing site, airfield, church, dam wall, etc.
  • The short names are adjustable in length and can be edited.
  • A turnpoint catalogue with about 40 000 turnpoints is provided.
  • All usual formats can be read and written.
  • Efficient filter functions help you to create a catalogue according to your wishes.

Example: You want all turnpoints in a radius of 150 nm around your home airfield, but no airfields.

These and many other filters make StrePla4 be the ideal software for the cross-country glider pilot.


Route catalogue

  • Routes can have their own names. For example: 1. evaluation day FAI-Class
  • Inserting routes graphically on the map or tabular. 


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