Information for the download

(We recommend you print this page before downloading. Start printing.)

All files are saved in archives.

Starting the download

Choose the file that you want to download by clicking on the corresponding link. You will see the following window.

Choose "Save program" and click on OK.

In the following window you can choose in which directory you want to save the file. Remember in which directory you save it. We recommend you save the file on the desktop, by choosing the Desktop symbol in the "Save in" field.

Click on "Save". The file will now be loaded. You will see the progress display. 

After ending the download close the message box "Download finished".

Unpacking and installing the saved file

Program files

Once you have loaded the program files, double-click on the file. The installation dialogue will open thereupon, the way it is described in the manual. You can view the short instructions here as a PDF file.

All other files

Double-click on the saved file. You will quickly see how the file is unpacked.

In the following field you can determine where your StrePla installation shall be.


Do not change the destination path if you are not completely sure about what you are doing. We strongly advise you to leave all adjustments the way they were. If you change the destination path during the StrePla installation, you must enter these paths correctly. (In case you are interested which files StrePla places in which directories, click here.) Due to technical reasons, the installation directory is also called StrePla2 in the StrePla3 version.

If StrePla can find a StrePla installation in the given directory, the Install button will be activated. If not, the Search for StrePla2 button will be activated. With this you can search for the StrePla installation on your computer. This process may take a few minutes.

Click on Install. StrePla will now install the DCW vector maps in the correct directories and you will see the following confirmation:


The installation is now complete! If you like, you can now delete the file that you downloaded and is now on your desktop.