Directory structure

In the following paragraph we assume that you didn't change the installation folders suggested by the installation.

Due to technical reasons, StrePla3 will also be saved in the StrePla2 directory. Thus it is not a print error that this directory is called ...\Programme\StrePla2. The implementing file is also called StrePla2.exe.

StrePla will place all files that are needed for the program in the directory c:\Programme\StrePla2 and in the corresponding sub-directories. Additionally, StrePla will create a directory for your personal files such as turnpoint- and route catalogues. This personal directory will differentiate between WINDOWS 98, ME and WINDOWS NT/2000, XP.

Program folder

The main program files are located in the folder c:\Program Files\StrePla2. These are ; strepla2.exe, the licensing file "your name.dat", the online help file strepla2.chm and the StrePla2 configuration file strepla2.ini. All personal settings are stored in this file. If this file doesn't exist, StrePla2 creates a new version with default values.

The folder drv contains all drivers which are necessary for converting your data to the specific file formats and for communication with the logger units.

The folder map contains the map data. Within that folder the airspace data are stored in map\air, the topographic data (DCW) in map\dcw and the raster maps in map\bmp.

The folder Templates contains the example turnpoint and flight track data files. This includes the USA Airfields (USA_AIRFields.st2) and the world wide turnpoint catalogue of M. Meier (Welt2000.wgs). The files are write protected so that no unintended change is possible. If you want to use one of the files, import the data with the File.Import menu in a new, empty document.

The folder ps_prog contains the EXE file for pocket*StrePla simulator.

The folder ps_data contains the map data, polar data, turnpoint, routes and airports for pocket*StrePla simulator. This folder will also be used, if you create new data for export to pocket*StrePla.

Personal folder in WINDOWS 98 and ME

The personal folder is the preference folder for all user made files (turnpoints, routes and flight tracks) for StrePla3. This is not mandatory, but keep in mind, that you have to remember the storage folder for your data.

The personal folder is located at c:\Personal Folder\StrePla2.

Experience shows that customers often forget where they saved their files. If you are not too fit in the use of WINDOWS, we strongly recommend not to change the paths.

Personal folder in WINDOWS NT and 2000

Windows NT creates a personal folder for each different user connected to the computer. The profile is located in the c:\WINNT\Profiles\_YourLoginName_\Personal Folder\StrePla2 folder.

The files are the same as in WINDOWS 98, so please read the note in the previous paragraph.