Important Remark to pocket*StrePla

In January 2012, we have announced that the development of pocket*StrePla has been stopped. The reasons are on the one hand justified internally, on the other hand, the following arguments have been decisive for us.

Commercial Reasons

  • The market  which we support is very small. Only glider pilots, and from them only the XC pilots. This customers sharing many different operating systems on their units.
  • In the case of Apple, almost half (49%) of what the customer pays disappeared before we ever see a dime. VAT are 19% and 30%!!! is to pay to Apple. That does not leave much left for us.
  • The hardware units are not built in series only in a batch. That means, until all the changes  and tests are carried out on the software with us, there are no more devices on the market.
Technical Reasons
  • While there are now devices that readable in the sun, but there are rarest devices that cover all requirements of glider pilots. Temperatures, serial interfaces, GPS receivers that behave strangely when moving. These are all issues that need to be tested for each model.
  • No serial ports.
  • Frequently no way to connect FLARM via Bluetooth, since the Bluetooth software in the device is not supporting serial stack.
  • For each operating system, the software must be rewritten from scratch.
  • Changes and enhancements to the software must be made separately for each operating system.
We have now in January 2013 decided not longer to develop pocket*StrePla. This means:
  • For PDA's, such as the iPAQ 3850 and similar devices:

4 60g is the last version for these devices.
This version runs stable since a long time and is still well useable.

  • For OUDIE2 lite, MiniMap, Craggy display and similar devices:

Version 5.00j is the last version for these devices.
This version runs stable since a long time and can be used.. Customers who already have pocket*StrePla for PDA may update to the version 5.00j if they like. The upgrade is free for customers within the one year warranty update.

For the future, we recommend using the free open source software XC-Soar or LK8000. We will implement XC-Soar and LK8000 in desktop*StrePla, so the use of XC-Soar or LK8000 will be greatly simplified.

The above remarks apply only to the product line pocket*StrePla.

Desktop*StrePla and scoring*StrePla will be developed still further.

Here you nay find the old information about pocket*StrePla.


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